10 Fashion Trends 2019

10 Fashion Trends 2019

2019 is finally here and this year, there is no doubt about missing the fashion trends. To start the month of January, we prepare the ground and we are interested in the news of the season. We assure you that among the new trends, there is something to be entertained: obedient clothes well thought out and comfortable. Yes right now.

The year promises to be rich in elegant styles, for our greatest happiness. We use smart clothes, but we also find good basic concepts of fashion, such as gowns or slippers. Some trends in 2018 extend the celebrations in 2019, such as. Short hose or printing. Here are the 10 fashion trends that we will inevitably adopt this year, according to the Pinterest platform.

10 Fashion Trends 2019

Bamboo bags

The search for “bamboo bag” has seen an increase of 2215%, the highest performance for fashion trends. This year, we know what to do with: bamboo baskets, bamboo bags, bamboo bags, etc. We also fell in love with the Cult Gaia brand, the first to deliver the basket to the taste of the day.

Stylish sneakers

We know that shoes are not good news. However, this year, we’re likely to see them even more often than usual: they saw a 2211% increase in their searches on the Pinterest platform. In 2019, you choose between two camps. The most cautious will turn to the classics that work every time, like Vans, Converse or Stan Smith. The most daring will try to tame the father’s shoes, these big colored shoes.

Cycling shorts

The one we saw did not come. However, in recent months, very tight shorts have become the favorite piece of celebrities and some fashion. Did you think you missed that trend? Now he knows he’s having problems: in 2019, bike shorts will still be there, according to Pinterest. In fact, it registered an increase of 1323% in related searches. To see if you are going to do a feat or not. To use it, we recommend trying it with a shirt, blouse or shirt and adding a large oversized blazer.

The dresses are purses.

The clothing portfolios are not new, but they are still experiencing a 689% increase in related searches. During some seasons, they have become important and whatever the season. The warm dress can be worn summer or winter. It is precisely for this reason that this year, again, it will be part of our favorite pieces. We choose plain or printed, silk or linen, and we do not forget to add beautiful accessories to stylize it.

Oval sunglasses

Forget about the round glasses! This year pave the way for oval sunglasses that experience an increase of 591% in related searches on Pinterest. They are perfect for a retro look, so glamorous. We choose them in shades of smoke and pastel tones and we dive into the vintage spirit that mixes gold jewelry.

African prints

Amazing tones, fresh and original prints, ethnic and African prints are perfect for spring and summer. We chose skirts and midi dresses in wax, red, pink, blue, yellow or green. They are found everywhere, especially in accessories such as scarves, shoes or bags. On Pinterest, they see an increase of 229% in related searches.

Ethical way

With a 34% increase, organic and responsible fashion is the smallest development of research at the end of the year. However, this is one of the most common problems at the moment. More and more brands are now focusing on their ethical footsteps. In 2019 can it be time to start.

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