10 Styles and their Differences, What Style are you?

The Boho style is since 2004, the year of birth, probably the most copied and imitated, although at the same time it is the most difficult to reproduce. It resembles a cocktail that mixes abundant hippies and Bohemian echoes with an ethnic touch, from Navajos to the Arabs, to another touch of the country. It was during the 2004 Glastonbury Festival that Sienna Miller lit boho in a short black denim dress. He described the figure with a wide belt dotted with bedbugs, and among his golden curls, you could see sunglasses with a lime green frame. Just a year later, Boho has become more relevant. Kate Moss performed at the same festival with a hunter filled with mud, a vintage dress and a bag of gypsy inspiration.

In hipster style, the “Hipster” style follows the way some women combine a biker style with grunge, boho, vagabond and hippie, doing something individually and original. The clothes combine many ideas on neoprene suits, knee shirts, polka dots socks, striped tops, and big hats, etc. The style “Hipster” is in the streets where the girls appear with vintage style clothes very easy to put on and comfortable. In other words, all these essential elements are ideal for giving it a special and modern look.

Casual clothing is informal clothing, that is, clothing used in contexts that do not require a formal dress code. Therefore, when choosing casual clothes to dress, a person is not bound to rigid criteria of elegance or fear of having a serious appearance. While the “Casual” style is considered a whole, it not only allows you to dress comfortably but also to reflect your personality and even seems appropriate to work or party.

Women who value the “artistic” style tend to stay away from the traditional trends of the fashion world and show an unconditional love for their own style to distinguish with their clothing. Often they will be the creators of their own fashion styles, designing and creating their own blouses, hats, and jackets. Every art style will be different for women because everyone has their own idea of ​​what “art” really is. That’s what makes this style so special, so unconventional and so interesting.

The classic style projects the image of a balanced and reliable woman with a good education and a good culture that adheres to strict traditions and values, far from frivolity and something serious. Its colors are neutral: blue, brown, burgundy, beige, moss green, gray and black, tone on tone and conventional combinations. The textures of the preferred fabrics in the classic women are the flat or elevated and velvety fabrics. For the holidays, the textures are a bit satiny.

The “exotic” style stems from the constant exposure to other cultures, creating a fascinating fusion of Western and Oriental fashion. Autumn materials, gauze and silk, bright colors and intricate floral patterns were inspired by the extensive décor of the most famous architecture in the world, in countries such as India and Morocco. And we can see them going on catwalks. Vogue called it “Oriental Futurism for the Modern Woman”.

Glamorous refers to a style of clothing characterized by attractive characteristics of a certain period, an inner beauty, a surprising aesthetics, a surplus, a vanity, and a sexual attraction.

The romantic has the distinction between being a much more complex and structured style than other styles. Currently, it is fashionable, although it has always had its meaning and is widely used at this time, where simplicity is a common factor among us. The romance has the distinction between requiring a great decoration, which often becomes excessive. It highlights the decoration on the surfaces of the fabrics that characterize this style. With regard to the fabrics, we can also highlight the color, the abundant impression and the three-dimensional effects of the cuts.

The “sexy” style has two main goals: to capture the attention of all the men around them and to display as much skin as legally and humanly possible. The sexy style is to show your best assets: breasts, stomach, and legs. A woman whose fashion is sexy is usually loaded with mini dresses, tight dresses, high heels and blouses or tops.

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