Immigration Lawyers: ALL you Have to Know…

Immigration Lawyers
Selecting an immigration lawyer that meets the requirements of Honesty, reliability, and ethics can be a difficult task in these times.

We know that many migratory processes require legal advice and that many times they are served by migrant agents who are not lawyers and who do not have the extensive experience with which we have.

Did you know that with the USA Labor Certification, you can obtain the permanent Residence Card …

We all know that the immigration legislation of Canada are very rigid and are grounds for constant criticism and refutations. So it is necessary to resort to experts in the field …We have to find an answer to the following questions:
How do I know if I really need an immigration lawyer?
How do I hire a reliable Immigration consultant Toronto?
How do I know if I am in the Right Place, at the right time to find a lawyer of this type?
Before answering these questions we want you to take into account …

How to protect yourself and your family from Immigration Scams
As you should already know this type of service is offered by anybody and without a doubt, not everyone can do it … so we want to reduce the number of victims around these cases of scams.

Therefore, we have taken the time to prepare an easy guide for you to identify these frauds:

Do not trust the Smoke Sales, nor the free immigration lawyers that are online

The one that says that there are new forms and hidden laws that only he knows and has connections in governmental agencies of Canada.
Apply for a License to the Immigration Lawyer.
Do not pay anyone to refer you to an immigration lawyer.
Do not believe in the Advertising of Type: “You have earned a Visa, Pay Here”
Always have support for each document you submit signed as received.
Request support of the delivered to the Immigration Agencies.
Request in writing the Expenses in what you will incur request receipt or invoice of what was paid.
Do not sign documents, blank forms, please!
Check everything you sign and keep a copy of it, by common sense.
Please do not sign anything that you know contains false information.
As a Company we protect our Clients, accompanying them in each process, with clear and honest information, we will always tell you the truth, even if it is hard.

Forget about false promises about immigration lawyers
There are hundreds of thousands of scams of people who call themselves notaries and unlicensed lawyers who promise their clients that they will be legal in the country.

These people use your lack of knowledge to convince you to hire them.

In Canada, it is illegal, as in any civilized country, for an unlicensed person to advise you, fill out a Green Card application or form. This must be done by qualified, licensed and duly accredited personnel for these tasks.

Our Immigration Lawyers are Reliable
It is difficult to put the future of my family in the hands of a third party, especially when I know that the situation does not depend on me, and if I add the absurd amounts of money that they sometimes charge, I start to tremble.


Having people who handle these difficult procedures on a daily basis and successfully assures you that we are your best option.

Knowing very well when immigration lawyers should intervene puts us one step ahead … you always have to be sure that to get residency and subsequent citizenship, visas, register your business among others, will be specified in the best way possible because our work team this is guaranteed

Besides this, you will save a considerable amount of money.

In fact, with the technology and the efforts of the Canadian government. to avoid scams of this type, it makes it extremely easy to know the reputation of any immigration lawyer practicing in the country.

Immigration Procedures Canadian CORP is a successful agency that for years we have helped hundreds of people, companies, investors, professionals, and workers in Obtaining Visas.

Why should I consult Immigration Lawyers?
If you want to enter Canada.
If you want to stay in Canada.
I stress that an immigration attorney cannot guarantee that your case will be successful, that’s why we are very rigorous when referring you to one of our immigration attorneys.

This is because the decision always depends on the immigration judge or the agent who oversees the case.

Our immigration attorneys will advise you to support your immigration procedures in the best way possible.

Immigration classes that we represent
Temporary Immigration
This will be assisted by our Immigration Lawyers
immigration attorneys for free
We will update you on immigration laws and everything related.
We will determine together what type of visa you should request.
We will be day after day trying to persuade the agents that supervise the cases so that they decide in our favor.
We will present the best possible argument adapted to your needs.
We simplify the process as much as possible.
If required, we will prepare the appeals on your behalf.
Which cases require immigration lawyers
Asylum applications
Work Visas
International adoptions
Obtaining residences
Naturalization and citizenship
Green Card
Among others.
In addition to this, our immigration attorneys will be aware of your case, to assist you if you require it at no additional cost.

Our immigration attorneys constantly monitor immigration processes
immigration lawyers consult
As our company is constantly helping people, it is inevitable that everyone will be committed to you, so you will always have the support of our team of specialists regarding:

Work and tourist visas.
Temporary work, student and other cases we have in our service offer, here we leave the link.
Business openings, franchises, etc.
Visas for people of religious occupation.
Reasons why people can not enter the United States
As it is obvious to think, not all the people that want to enter the United States are eligible, here we give you some of the reasons why a foreigner should not request an Immigration Lawyer:

Criminal record.
Fraud or Scams
False statements
Illegal stay in the United States, demonstrable.
Reasons related to Health.
Our specialized immigration company, together with our attorneys, can help you with any immigration problems you may face or are already facing.

Tips for Choosing a Good Immigration Lawyer.

Biography of the Immigration Lawyer – Your profile is very important.
The main thing, see your resume, comments, successes, and mistakes … Remember that some biographies may be a bit manipulated so that the lawyer is invincible.

There are many magazines and directories that charge attorneys to be sponsored and be included in their “best lawyers” lists. So do not believe in these Ads where they are promoted, make a list and check your comments on Google, Yelp or other networks where they are registered.

Being in directories only shows that the Attorney promotes himself very well …

The years of Experience and the cases where it was successful are data that you can not pass up, so you have a lot of investigative work to do. It is imperative to know how many experiences you have in Immigration Cases.

A lawyer who has 20 years of experience making cases of divorce, seizures, litigations, and has only spent 1 year on immigration cases then, can it be an option? So I do not think so…

Immigration Attorneys Only Fill Out Forms
As we told you before, this job is not just filling out papers and forms, the services of an Immigration Lawyer is to discover and explore even the smallest details of the case.

Fill a form is not just a transcription work, it goes beyond that, as we soak in the case, we must go to explore the goals in the medium and long term

Making sure everything well takes time, dedication, passion for what we do.

For example, a good immigration lawyer must necessarily be a step ahead and advise the client about possible risks and problems in the future. It will also avoid unnecessary expenses and waste of time.

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