Looking out over the vastness of the Grand Canyon

Looking out over the vastness of the Grand Canyon

Few shows of nature will impact you as much as the image of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. This geological formation of the state of Arizona, in the United States, is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world, and not by chance attracts about six million visitors every year.

For millions and millions of years, the earth has been eroded by water until it reveals a true historical encyclopedia of the subsoil, where the strata have been exposed showing the ages of the planet.

The vastness of the Grand Canyon Destinations does not fit in an image unless we see it from space. It is about 446 km long, a width that goes from 6 to 29 km and a depth that reaches 1,600 meters. The red, yellow, orange and ocher tones overlap, the sun draws its shapes throughout the day and is a dream place for lovers of sunrises and sunsets.

It was declared a National Park in 1919, it is the second most visited National Park in the United States, just behind the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site in 1979. Its proximity to Las Vegas, the mythical Route 66 and other National Parks place it in one of the most tourist areas of North America and, on its own merits, it deserves to be on any list called “those places you have to visit sometime in life ”

How is the Grand Canyon and how can you visit it

With such size, you will understand that the Grand Canyon is a place that is not usually visited hire https://grandcanyondestinations.com. They will arrange your tour of Grand Canyon We can talk about four distinct zones: the north edge, the south edge, the east side, and the west side. The most popular option, better prepared, with more services and possibly the best views, in the south, known as the south rim. It is also the most crowded in high season, so the other three areas gain strength among those who seek greater tranquility, but if it is your first time, and you do not have time to visit more than one, the south is undoubtedly the most recommended.

To get an idea of ​​the beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park you could even arrive and leave on the same day, but the best thing you can do is spend a night there, or even two. In the south rim, there is a good hotel offer, both in Tusayan, the nearest town located about 11 km away and in the accommodations located within the National Park itself. The best option of all, but also the first one that usually runs out.

Looking out over the vastness of the Grand Canyon

In Grand Canyon Village, the town created specifically for tourism on the edge of the South Rim, you have all the services you may need, and it is the center of operations for the majority of Grand Canyon visitors. You can reach him in your own vehicle.

The entrance fee to the Grand Canyon National Park varies from how you visit it and is distributed as follows: US $ 35 per car and its occupants, US $ 30 per motorcycle and its occupants, and US $ 20 if you go to foot or bike If you are going to visit more than two national parks in the United States, our recommendation is that you acquire an annual pass, the America the Beautiful, which for 80 US $ allows you to enter for a whole year in all the national parks of the country and is valid for two cars, so after your visit you can share it with another person.

How to get around in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Once in Grand Canyon Village, you may not know where to start, so the best thing you can do is go to the Visitor Center. At the entrance to the park, they will have given you a map so you know how to move around the South Rim, and it will be of great help to make the most of your visit.

The south rim can be divided into three zones: a west of 11 km long that goes from the Hermit Rest point to the town, a 3.5 km central that goes from the town to the visitor center, and a 35 km east that goes from the visitor center to the Desert Viewpoint. Along with the three areas, there are many viewpoints that overlook the canyon and a pedestrian path that you can walk almost from end to end.

Grand Canyon of Colorado

The Bright Angel Trail is the most popular route to go down to the bottom of the canyon. ROBERTO RUIZ

But considering the distances, the park offers a free bus service that takes you from one place to another quickly and effectively, so it is best to leave the car near the visitor center and move by bus from there. There are four bus lines that take you throughout the park: one dedicated to the west end, one that runs through the central area, another that covers 35 km from the east side, and a fourth that connects Tusayan with the visitor center, to transfer to those staying outside the park. The frequency of the buses is high and they have numerous stops, so you can go up and down as many times as you want to configure your visit as you prefer.

What you can’t miss in the Grand Canyon

As soon as you arrive at the Grand Canyon, the first thing you will want to do is quickly look at the first viewpoint you find, but you will have kilometers and kilometers to enjoy its views. The tour is full of viewpoints and from each of them, the perspective is different. Sometimes you will see the Colorado River at its bottom and sometimes not, others you will see more pronounced cuts and sometimes not, outgoing, incoming, curves, strata, vegetation, rocks, fauna, colors and a thousand and one shapes that shape the slopes of this huge canal natural. So, with so much variety, the best thing you can do is to travel as many viewpoints as you can.

Among all there are, if you have to choose one to start and end the day, take note of the following recommendations, because they do not fail: the best sunrises will be from Yavapai Point, Yaki Point and Mather Point, while the best sunsets are You have no doubt from Hopi Point, although if it is very busy from Mojave Point they are not bad either. Do it. If you visit them at those times of day it will probably be something you will never forget.

If you are looking for hiking, the park also has a good number of routes that will quench your thirst for hiking. From the simplest that run the upper edge to the most demanding that go down to the Colorado River, you have for all tastes and levels. If you hate the slopes then yours is the Rim Trail, which runs along the edge of the south rim along 17 km, but if you want (and can) go down and up to the river, then consider the Bright Angel Trail. Of course, get ready for its 26 km round trip and its 1,331 meters of unevenness. The best thing you can do is to use the park’s rangers service to inform you of their demands and their status when you visit.

In addition, the park daily offers a guided program of its rangers, both in the town and in the Desert View area, with workshops, walks and talks about geology, fossils, plants, animals and former inhabitants of the area. In the Visitor Center, they can inform you of their schedules.

Grand Canyon of Colorado

A helicopter trip will allow you to get an idea of ​​the immensity of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon from the air

If visiting the Grand Canyon Destinations at ground level impresses, imagine if you do it from the air. For many years now one of the most spectacular and recommended activities you can do in the Grand Canyon is to fly over it. Only then can you get an idea of ​​its true immensity, although you cannot even contemplate it.

It is not cheap, but not prohibitive either. If you can afford a plane flight, or even better by helicopter, it will allow you to enjoy views that you will not be able to get in any other way. You will see that as far as the eye can see, the canyon extends until it is lost on the horizon, and its walls and cuts collapse to the depths of the river. Papillion is the main company that offers these guided and commented flights and does so with both light aircraft and helicopters, either taking tours of the Grand Canyon taking off from the National Park or flying directly from the city of Las Vegas. With one of its flights, and with prices starting at the US $ 145 for light aircraft and the US $ 199 for helicopters, you can live one of the most unforgettable experiences you can ever do in the Grand Canyon of Colorado. And no, we don’t exaggerate a bit.

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