Meet 12 Fashion Styles

Having style is what makes a person unique, unique and differentiated. A person who has style is the one who can choose from what fashion offers, what suits him, and it will mark his personality. Learn how to quickly and efficiently create fashion collections: download the free e-book

Trends should always be a particular style and take into account, among other factors, personality, body and age limits, especially the lifestyle of the person which is one of the most important factors.

Know some fashion styles. Did we mention yours?

Boho: is a style that arose in the 1970s with the combination of several trends such as hippie, bohemian, folk and vintage. In the main items of boho, we find loose fabrics, long skirts, tunics, robes, floating dresses, flared trousers, and high-shorts shorts. On her feet, a cowboy style dust and small skirts. Crochet, brown leather, suede and lace. Numerous accessories, wide belts, long clips, large rings, and fringed bags. All with embroidery or beads, feathers, and stones.

Hippie chic: hippie counterculture was born in the United States in the 1960s, marking an era marked by a mindset and politics that supported the sexual revolution and free love. Although social influence is very similar to the sixties and seventies, the Hippies left an important legacy as a philosophy of love and respect for others and nature and, of course, by their dress of this century. Today, Hippie Chic is very high because it is a modern hippie style reminiscent of the 1970s, but with great sophistication: bell bottoms, fringed dresses, and long aftertaste make this style good. , flowery and even straw, but still in a glamorous way.

Rocker: Attitude and personality. These are the two characteristics of adhering to this style. There are items such as leather, spears, jeans, skulls, boots, checks, dark colors and striped shirts.

PUNK punk style is recognizable by a combination of certain elements considered typically: pins, patches scarves around the neck or show in the back pocket of the pants, worn jeans, black tight pants, Esclavitud (checkered pants with multiple zippers and protest groups, leather jackets with rivets and messages engraved on the back and boots.

Ladylike: It’s a fashion style that transfers the woman’s femininity. Colors and soft fabrics, clothing details such as bows, ruffles, and ruffles became this style inspired by the 1940s, primarily due to the striking size and floral print, dresses, and skirts, lunch parties, pencil skirts.

Vintage: means something classic, antique and excellent quality, is a style that takes styles from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. The vintage clothes are old and classic pieces such as jeans or clothing copied in the previous decades. poa (balls). Pin-up model is an example of vintage fashion.

Sexy style features are adjusted to shape shapes, body parts display a distinctive waist, mini skirts, low-cut front, jeans, and high light.

Great: It’s a simple style that combines casual and sportswear, but it doesn’t leave the most classic styles and fashionable clothes.

Clubber – This fashion style was born in the 90s in England. The dresses in this style are extravagant, with figures of Japanese design, skirts, pants, sneakers, and very colorful accessories. Geek: Geek is an English jargon whose meaning is a person dependent on technology, computers, and the Internet. This concept is a little like a geek. The pieces in this style almost always refer to a game, book, movie, series or headquarters.

Romantic: The style of romantic fashion highlights femininity. The most important elements found in the pieces are: lace, ruffles, lace, tulle, lace, transparencies, delicate flowers, pearls, stones with roses, folds, polished sleeves, loose fabrics CISM gauze and influences vintage biker style: Rebel style, versatile and elegant, thematic motorcycle, jackets, skirts, dresses and pants. Buckles, zippers, and cuts are present in the pieces. The color black is a classic in this style, but the color is also present.

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