Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction, What Should Be Treated From

The most common symptoms of male sexual dysfunction are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

However, males who cause sexual dysfunction are often stressed that they do not get sexual relations and are not satisfied with sex, but they often do not know precisely whether the current condition is premature or erectile dysfunction.

According to a survey on the prevalence and attitude of male premature ejaculation in the Asia-Pacific region, 35% of males were unable to distinguish premature ejaculation from erectile dysfunction.

In particular, it is urgent to establish the concept of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction so that some people think that erectile dysfunction can treat premature ejaculation or that erectile dysfunction can be treated by erectile dysfunction drugs.

If there is both erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction, what is the most effective treatment of the disease first?

A firm opinion of the author, a urologist, should be treated simultaneously.

If erectile dysfunction is treated while leaving premature ejaculation untreated, erectile dysfunction can not be cured properly due to men’s physiological structure that can not be solved if the ejaculation is done quickly. When truelibido erectile dysfunction is treated without erectile dysfunction, it is difficult to improve the premature ejaculation due to nerve stimulation effect due to erectile dysfunction.

In practice, many men often complain of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation is an abnormality of the hormone system due to serotonin regulation disorder, and erectile dysfunction is a vascular system abnormality due to dyspnoea circulatory disorder.

However, the reason for this is the accumulation of stress, excessive drinking, smoking, and a lack of exercise, such as various generations have been pointed to a variety of lifelong factors, such as naturally to restore the erectile function of the patient must first maintain a stable psychological state, hormone system and endocrine Erectile dysfunction can be expected to be effective if the physical condition is maintained throughout the system.

Many cases of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are very complex and diverse. In cases of secondary sexual dysfunction due to stress or systemic depression, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are often seen at the same time.

When treating patients with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in the clinic, they often want their symptoms to be resolved at the same time.

It is common for female partners to maintain their male penis stiffness and delays in their circumstances so that men will be genuinely wanting to maintain their orgasm.

In order to maintain the desirable sexual life of women, it is essential to try to eliminate factors such as exercise habits that increase the blood flow of the penis, as well as stress that causes disturbance of the hormone.

In addition, sexual intercourse should be made in a comfortable state and atmosphere through full communication with female partners.

To solve this problem quickly, the Urologist recommends premature drug injection and cocktail erectile dysfunction treatment.

Intraperitoneal drug injection is a method of treating premature ejaculation by injecting drugs that are harmless to the male glans and significantly enhancing the effect of preventing premature ejaculation.

Male premature ejaculation drug injection method has a short duration of 5 ~ 10 minutes, and male patients who have no side effects are very satisfied with urinary frequency.

The cocktail erectile dysfunction therapy is a combination of all the treatments for the urological cause of erectile dysfunction, which is the first cause of erectile dysfunction, the blood circulation system that improves blood flow circulation, This combination of therapy and hormone therapy, once a week with the above treatment can be expected to have a good prognosis.

If the symptoms do not improve with the usual oral erectile dysfunction drugs, the cases of erectile dysfunction are being treated by cocktail treatment, so it is possible to recover the confidence of the male person through appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment after consultation with the urologist.

Erectile dysfunction, which continues even after these efforts, is combined with oral administration of drugs when necessary or daily administration, as well as oral premature drugs and sensory deprivation procedures, such that premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are combined to provide men with a strong, You can keep your sex.

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