The 10 Fashion Trends that will Prevail in 2019

Find out what clothes you need to include in your wardrobe to go in the next few months when we leave 2017, we must already focus on trends in 2019. The year comes with fun clothes, vibrant colors and the most original fabrics.

Join fashion trends and become a “girl” in 2019. Here you have clothes that will define trends and which cannot be missed in your wardrobe this season.

  1. Logomania

The courage to wear clothes where the mark is read is a trend in 2019. Don’t hide the tag and scam it instead. Logos are the main characters in this trend.


Another “must” this year will be the transparencies. They come in all their versions. You can get a dress or a transparent shirt and you will win in 2019.

Pictures Everywhere

Checkered print clothes will be queens this year. American jumping and trousers, star in last season’s print for bags and jumpers

American dress

The most famous have dared this garment in 2017 and “low cost” companies have copied the idea of ​​making it a “must have” in the spring. Combine them with high boots or sandals. The result is amazing!

Sports Shorts with Heels

Mixing different styles, fabrics and prints is a great way to play with fashion. Sports shorts combined with high heels are born of this idea and will be the most this 2018.

Skirts and Dresses

Spring comes in color. Oranges, roses, green, etc. If you want to go to the last game for a skirt or dress in these tones, remember that the more you hit, the better.

T-Shirt Top

Fashion bloggers did not stop repeating this combination last summer. Now the trend is leaping to the streets.

Fever Due to Plastic

The transparent plastic clothing will be in various formats. This fashion and leader is practical because they are waterproof fabrics.

Fashion Trends

Marinate Cap

This seems to be one of the great trends this 2019. This type of cap is very versatile and combines with different styles. In addition, they can be used both in winter and summer.

Original Handbags

Forget the classic and boring bags! This year, the dietary supplements are in danger!

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