Tips for Hiring Traveler Assistance

Tips for Hiring Traveler Assistance

Having travel assistance insurance for your trip is essential.  Medical care in other countries can be very expensive and what is a simple discomfort at home can ruin your vacation. That is why it is always advisable to travel quietly to take assistance to the hired traveler.

When hiring travel assistance insurance, some questions must be considered:

Count the total period of the trip. From the day we leave our place of residence until the day we return to it. Since most of the coverage is also include an amount for lost luggage if we only hire a Courier Company it for the days we are at destination it will not be valid in the case of these setbacks.

Take into account the age of the passengers. Most assists have an age limit from which either the amount of coverage is reduced or the rate increases. It is also very common that there are cheaper rates for young people, under 30 or 25 years, depending on the policy of each company.

Tips for Hiring Traveler Assistance

Consider the costs of the health system or requirements of the country where we are going to assess what type of coverage is necessary. There are countries like the United States where medical care is particularly expensive; therefore we should prefer plans with greater coverage amounts. The countries of the European Community that adhere to the Schengen Treaty, for example, require tourists to have coverage of at least Euros 30,000 in case of an accident or illness. Cuba currently also requires tourists to have travel assistance insurance contracted to enter the country.

Find out if we have the provision of the travel assistance insurance service for free. Most credit cards offer their customers this service for free. But you should contact the bank and / or the card to find out if you have it included or you must pay any additional fees, which coverage includes and request a phone number of the assistance to be communicated in case you have to use it. Some pre-paid medicine companies also include this service to their partners.

If it is necessary to use the assistance, you must always call the phone number indicated by the voucher before attending. Otherwise, the company will probably not be responsible for the costs. Except for exceptions of the extreme urgency of course. It is at that time that they will give us the indications of the steps to follow.

Some of the best-known companies in our market and I have tried and work very well are Assist Med, Travel Ace, Universal Assistance and Assist Card. Although there are many more. Find out what promotions each one has and the detail of the coverage of each product to choose which one is the most convenient, but never travel without having travel assistance insurance.

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