Why play is so Important in Children

In the society in which we are, it seems that play in young children is set aside to move on to do other more structured things such as duties or prepared and controlled activities. Children need leisure time and free play to be children and also, to develop in a healthy and happy way. Just a few decades ago, the game was totally different than it is today.

The children spent the days playing in the sun, played in the backyard of the homes and liked to ride a bike around the neighborhood. They had a lot of creativity and boredom was not part of them because there was always a new way to have fun with friends. But the world has changed and the streets are no longer as safe for them as they were for children 5 or 6 decades ago.

In addition, today families are busy, parents work many hours … but there is something that has not changed in all this type: the importance of play for good development in children. The game lives up to a good education, love and even the importance of sleep … it is essential for children! But why is it so important?

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Your creativity is enhanced

The game will make children emotionally more expressive, have more energy, learn to communicate better and have more vocabulary. The game allows them to take care of their sense of humor, to enhance their imagination, to feel passion for what they do, to be insightful and to be able to connect with the world around them in a much deeper way. The game helps children to enhance their creativity to be able to invent stories and change the perspective of reality.

Your intellect is strengthened

Children who play freely and interact more with other children can enhance their cognitive function. Your brain is strengthened and you develop better attention and memory. Children who play physically and also enhance their intellect.

They develop their social skills

Through the game children learn to get along with people and face some social challenges. Every opportunity to play with other children is a quick course of how social interactions work. Children can begin to understand people’s behavior and also know that sometimes the rules are not always fair to everyone. Kids could also have some fun while playing online riddles games on Tekatekilawak.org.

In addition, children will also learn that they must find a way to meet their own needs and desires without having to step on the needs and desires of others. This is done through commitment and negotiation, they will find their own limits, they will know what makes them feel good and what does not. Assertiveness is a necessity in interpersonal relationships and sometimes, there will be the possibility of moving away from others.

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They will understand and control their own feelings

In the game, things do not always go as planned and this can cause children to have a roller coaster of feelings that are difficult to control. On many occasions, when children play there are no adults around for a correct decision and children must learn to measure their own emotional responses in order to face facts they do not accept or any other type of conflict . There will be times that should leave some feelings out of play by applying self-control, negotiation, empathy and also learn to get help whenever they need it.

And best of all, children will learn to solve their own problems through play, they can be themselves and they know they have the power of their lives and their feelings. They will be able to realize their ingenuity, their creativity and the ability to organize their environment to meet their own needs … something essential for good development and personal growth!

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